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How to use my Bath Bomb

Great to see you have your sweet little bath bomb in your hand and your are waiting to pop it in the bath aren't you! Well make sure you read on first before you drop it in! 

1. Always test on a small patch of the bath to make sure that staining does not occur. We always take precautions like using a product called Polysorbate 80 in our products, but when the enamel has worn off a bath or a bath has just been refinished or painted, the pores are open in the bath and can soak in the mica. We advise not to use bath bombs on older baths. We always keep a test batch just in case we need to test for any reason, but we always ask you to test before use (especially black bath bombs) as we can not be held responsible for the discolouration of the bath. When you purchase our products, you agree to these terms. 

2.If you dont complete step one and you are naughty and you have issues, here is a few tips for cleaning the bath. Before using bath bombs, always clean your bath thoroughly! To the naked eye, most soap scum cant be seen, so this is why it is very important to make sure that this is completed before using any bath bombs. 

3. If you have any discolouration, you can use a few products for cleaning. Bleach and leave on for a while to remove discolouration. Magic eraser with Jiff, or Lemon Juice and Baking soda is another good alternative to chemical free cleaning.  

4. Once finished with the bath, never let any product stay in the bath, always clean once finished. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use

*Please note, our bath bombs are vegan friendly, but we do use Almond Oil in our products, so if you have a nut allergy, we highly advise you to NOT use our products and message me and I can create an alternative bath bomb for you using no nut products and making sure new products are used for people with nut allergies. 

Beauty Products

It is like with any new product, always test before you use! Patch test on a small area of your arm on the inside of your arm before using to make sure you dont have any reactions to our products. Please be known that our beauty products are not friendly with people who have nut allergies. We can accommodate to making fresh new products and new utensils for people who have a nut allergy, you will just have to message us and we would be more than happy to help.  


We charge a flat rate of $13.50. After you spend $100 its free. 

Lead Times

Our current lead times are 5-10 business days as most of our products are handmade. With freight, unfortunately we can not determine this as it is up to the freight company. 

Holiday period Lead Times

With Xmas and Easter lead time is 5-14 business days before we send off normally. If there are any delays, we will notify you by email. 


Some times it ends up that our couriers break stuff, but thats ok, just take some photos, email them to me at and I will send some more off for you. 

Do you have a shop front

We are only online. We are based in Menai in Sydney, but you can arrange with me before you buy if you live local for pick ups.

Candle Care

Lighting your candle - Make sure its on an even surface, out of reach of pets & children, not near any flammable surfaces and is on a candle stand. 

Never leave the room while your candle is alight. Do not burn the candle for anymore than 2hrs at a time. 

Before you relight the candle, make sure that you trim the wick close to the wax. This stops what we call as mushrooming of the wick which lessens soot throw out. 

Never burn your candle right to the point of no wax. Leave around an inch in the bottom of the candle. 

See other instructions on the bottom of your candle.

International Orders

Unfortunately in some countries some of our products can not be exported due to restrictions. If we can either replace or alter products to suit your countries customs we will. If we feel that we can not achieve the desired products for what you have ordered, we will email you to seek other alternatives. 

FAQ for anything else

If you have a question we have not answered here on our website, please dont hesitate to email me and I can try and answer your questions for you.