*Due to current Corona Virus items may take longer than usual to get to you. Some products we may run out of due to not being able to buy base products to make items*

About Me

Thank you for visiting us at Bath Bomb & Beauty. 

The best way to share my love and passion is to explain the background of Bath Bomb & Beauty.

I started this journey many years ago when I discovered my skin was deciding it did not like the beauty products & bath products I was using due to sensitive skin. I tried different products and spent loads of money, but I seemed to react with a lot of ingredients in products. So I started my research what chemical names meant and what they were used for, then I thought, why not try making my own. 

I started making my own from scratch and then friends and family started asking if they could purchase products off me. I thought, why not! If I can share the love of handmade products, the best people to try the products would be friends and family.

So the journey started in January 2018 and I am hoping to grow and add more products as time goes on. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do. 

All our products are handmade to order, so you get the freshest products and the best quality of a handmade product. Our turn around time is normally 5-10 days before we ship it off to you, and depending on your area, shipping can take from one day to a week. So please keep this in mind. We will send you the tracking number once we book your parcel in to be delivered as well. 

We have a flat rate of $7.95 shipping and anything over $70 is free shipping! 

If you would like to see a product that we dont have on our website, dont hesitate to email me and we can look at helping you out. Wholesale orders are welcome as well. 


Bath Bomb & Beauty